Clef Notes | And So It Begins…

2 Days, 4 cameras, 12 guests and 1 inspired band director/podcast host

Beyond the Clef launched LIVE at convention last month. David Biel, band director and host shares his post show takeaways.

Room service breakfast, pressed slacks, note cards done. This is the earliest I’ve arrived at convention ever. I’m nervous because I’m about to interview some of the biggest names in music education. As the host of the new podcast Beyond the Clef, I have a lot riding on whether this will be something or not.

I am the first to arrive at the Director’s Choice booth and see the orange carpet, the camera and lights and I need to go to the little band director’s room. I’m freaking out. Entering my 9th year of teaching, performance anxiety hasn’t been an issue for me in awhile. What if I’m boring? What if I’m not funny? What if I get in the way? What will my friends say? I begin to get really nervous and it’s hard to breath. Then, I remember what my wife says all the time, “Be brilliantly confident.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my first years in teaching, if you can’t do it, fake it until you make it.

And so I did…

We launched Beyond the Clef LIVE in the Director’s Choice booth at SMSE (TBA/TODA/TCDA). So now I’m in front of the lights, getting ready and make up on. I must say, make up isn’t exactly something I’m used to wearing but it really did help for the cameras. Maybe I’ll start.

Yeah, no.

My first interview was FUN. Amanda Drinkwater is just as generous and humble in person as everyone says she is. I had so many interviews the first day- each as exciting and interesting as the next. Of course, it took 4 red to keep my energy up for 8 hours of talking. I was exhausted. But, by the next day, I felt like a pro. On my 12th interview, it was the almost like I do this all the time!

The reason I’m passionate about this podcast project and music education is because I want to be a better band director, and I know I’m not the only one. When you watch, you’ll notice me writing notes and ideas down during the show so I can take it back to school with me. I’ve already done a 180 in my program and can’t wait to get to school and kick some music tail! I think my kids are going to see a different person than May.

I can’t thank enough the people that make all of this possible. Thanks to Jon Locke and Director’s Choice for supporting music education and making this all possible for free for the public. Thanks to my wife for being my biggest supporter, giving me confidence, and for being my practice guest in the living room. Thanks to my dogs Indy and Libby for being my practice audience.

And thanks to the audience for watching. I want to create a long lasting catalog of great people talking about great ideas that anyone can find easily. I think that’s starting to happen and Beyond the Clef is becoming kind of a big deal!

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